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The Competitive Playbook is a digital course that helps B2B SaaS companies build Competitive Intelligence programs from scratch.

What's Inside?


Getting Started

  • Focus on competitors that impact business the most.

  • Identify gaps (opportunities) in your landscape.

  • The non-product based differentiators that many businesses are neglecting to invest in.


Getting Educated

  • Learn how to get more help without hiring anyone.

  • The three sources to lean on when gathering insights.

  • How to structure a proper win/loss program.


Getting Involved

  • Five ways to bundle and distribute competitive updates.

  • The content you'll need to deliver (and how to create it).

  • Maintaining a pulse so that you're ready for anything.

Unlock The Competitive Playbook Today

  • 90 minutes of video content

  • 18 actionable lessons

  • The most effective battlecard format

  • The framework I use to identify competitors' strategies

Why Now?

Let's Play A Game

Guess how many SaaS products there are in the world in 2022. I'll give you a hint: it's a big number. Have your guess? Cool. Hang onto that.Now, guess how many SaaS products are being launched every month.Ok, time for the big reveal. Ready?There are 103,528 SaaS products in the world. And 945 are being added every month. And the kicker? These are low estimates provided by G2 and ChiefMartec.The game has changed. Businesses used to win with a great product. Now, a great product is table stakes.To win today, leaders need to have a strategy in place to a) stand out to buyers and b) enable internal teams to compete. Both are done with Competitive Intelligence programs.


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Hey! I'm Andy McCotter-Bicknell.

I lead the Competitive program for ClickUp. Previously, I built the Competitive program for ZoomInfo.

I live and breathe Competitive Strategy and share insights every day on LinkedIn.

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